Month: June 2019


V O I D, 2020-21, (exhibition: april 2020 // delayed due to COVID-19)



V O I D is a mythical landscape

V O I D is a glitched sun and a digital decay

V O I D is a room-filling installation that emits and reflects light

V O I D is pulsating, sensoric abstraction

V O I D is a black sea of oil



V O I D is a research project that is initiated by Karolien Chromiak _ curated by Roman Zheleznyak (mentalspacegallery) _ exhibited in Rottstr5-Kunsthallen Bochum (DE) _ digital images by Arno Ringoet _ sounddesign and film by Jorn Plucieniczak _ with contributions by Liselotte Van Daele (XOX is not alone) & Liesje De Laet_with the support of the Flemish Government and Innogy Stiftung (DE)