Karolien Chromiak (°1989)

Lives and works in Brussel


+32 472 87 86 01


studiovisits @ Level Five

Karolien Chromiak (°1989)

Lives and works in Brussel


+32 472 87 86 01


studiovisits @ Level Five

Selected Exhibtions

2021, “Generation Brussels“, groupshow curated by Dagmar Dirkx & Zeynep Kubat, Brussels Gallery Weekend (B)

2021, “Apples and Oranges“, artist publications and multiples fair, CIAP Kunstverein (B)

2021, “NONSTOP Performance Festival”, curated by Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Recyclart (B)

2021, “Of womxn and other weeds“, publication initiated by Liza Prins and Layla Durrani, booklaunch at Art Rotterdam (NL)

2021, “Blue Screen“, screening of  V O I D _ aftermovie (with Q&A) + presentation “To Glitch The Home (to heal)”

2021, “To Glitch The Home (to heal)“, gathering at Kunsthal Gent (B)

2021, “Glitching, Gathering, Healing“, a digital poem for Tickertape, NICC Antwerp x Brussels (B)

2021, “To Glitch The Home (to heal)“, intervention within the Sub Rosa program, Galerie Bernau (DE)


2020, “V O I D”, soloshow curated by mentalspacegallery at Rottstr5-Kunsthallen Bochum (DE)

2020, “The Female Haze(d)”, groupshow curated by Maryam K. Hedayat, Decoratelier Brussels (B)

2020, “Salon Sale”, group show at Level Five BXL artistic ecology (B)

2020, “V O I D”, radioshow at Cashmere Radio Berlin  (DE)

2020, “Glitch edition: The wilderness hidden underneath” , group show at PILAR, huis voor Kunst & Wetenschap, VUB Brussel (B)


2019, The Last Meeting (European Cultural Foundation), gathering + exhibition, Verbeke Foundation (B)

2019, Biënnale van België, group show, Floraliënhal Ghent (B)

2019, Time and space is ours, group show, La Piscine d’Activité, Antwerp (B)



2018, The Realm, group show curated by Tom Nys, Observatorium Antwerp (B)

2018, ///, group show (artist + curator) with Isabel Fredeus, Nadia Guerroui, Felicitas Rohden & Benjamin Verhoeven, Tique Antwerp (B)


2017, Laranja launch, group show, Werkhof Bern (CH)

2017, Laranja launch, group show, WiE Kultur Berlin (DE)

2017, The Whether Or Not Assumptions, group show at Antwerp Art Weekend
Paris Texas Antwerp (BE)

2017, “00 00 00 18 66 74 79 70 69 73 6F fx = {SinOsc.ar”, duoshow with Piotr Tolmachow, Pulsar Antwerp (B)

2017, Solo presentation, New Art Section, Art Rotterdam (NL)


2016, “Zone”, soloshow (colab with Dennis Ramaekers), BRDG Antwerp (B),

2016, “Chromiak & Ramaekers”, duoshow, C-mine Genk (B)

2016, “Sounddish” soloshow, (colab with Dennis Ramaekers), Ghent (B)

2016, “Antwerp Art Weekend”, group show, Born In Antwerp (B)


2015, “RENDERTIME_pavilion”, part of The Wrong, New Digital Art Biennale, In De Ruimte, Gent (B)

2015, “Synthesis”, Lokaal 01, soloshow (colab with Dennis Ramaekers), Antwerp (B)

2015, “White light, grey dust and fields of color”, soloshow (colab with Dennis Ramaekers) De Winkelhaak, Antwerp (B)

2015, “No Blossom No Moonlight”, group show, curated by João Mourão & Luis Silva.

2015, “Karolien Chromiak / Johan Nieuwenhuize”, duoshow, Tique | artspace, Antwerp (B)

2015, “Code rood”, Karolien Chromiak, Welmer Keesmaat, Johan Nieuwenhuize. Curated by Sybille Eimermacher, Jeroen Glas, Oscar Lourens, Arnhem (NL)

2015, “STRT Kit #2: presentation at Villa Fleming”, Beirut (LB)

2015, “Rubia launch event”, Dreambuilding Art Gallery, Antwerp (BE)

2015, “Chromiak, De Laet & Ramaekers”, Gallery Marion De Cannière, Antwerp (B)

2015, “STRT Kit #1”, AIR Antwerp, Extra City Kunsthal & Studio Start, Antwerp (B)


2014, “Exploring New Worlds”, alumni group expo, Crosley Gallery, Sarasota, Florida (VS)

2014, “Exploring New Worlds”, alumni group expo & satellite expo of Breda Photo 2014, Electron Breda (NL)

2014, Screening of the video “Tangled Hiërachy”, M HKA Antwerp (B)

2014, “Coming People”, group show, SMAK Ghent (B)

2014, Tangled Hiërarchy, soloshow (colab with Dennis Ramaekers), Rundum Art Space, Tallinn (EE)

2014, “Youth: portrait of artists, between freedom and fight”, group show, Maison Particulière, Brussels (B)

2014, “Traffic #2  Raumte goes to: Kunstvlaai Amsterdam”, group show, Amsterdam (NL)

2014, “Raumte goes to: Poppositions”,  Poppositions, Brussels (B)

2014, “Traffic #1”, Central Station, Antwerp (B)


2013, Condordia Concours, art contest for upcoming talent, PAK Gistel (B)

2013, Pop up expo, 32 artists and organisations move into the old Bonnefantenschool, Hasselt (B)

2013, “Zwerm: a 24 hour exhibition”, co-organizer, co-curater and participating artist, Old Coffeefactory Antwerp (B)

2013, “Reverberation”, SECONDroom shows the work of Karolien Chromiak, Stef Klerckx and Dennis Ramaekers, SECONDroom, Antwerp (B)


2012, “ETA LÂGE part two”, group show, Antwerp (B)

2012, “A+B exhibition”, Studio Start, Antwerp (B)

2011, “Blind date”, group show, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp (B)

2011, “Konkreet”, group show, Antwerp (B)

2010, “Basis”, colab with Kasper De Vos & Dennis Ramaekers, Antwerp (B)

Press + Publications

Of womxn and other weeds, publication initiated by Liza Prins and Layla Durrani, 2021

Laranja Magazine, edition of 500 copies, 2017

10 Stories Of A Journey, edition of 300 copies, ISBN 9789082475302, 2015

Poels, Anne-Marie, ‘Eigenlijk is alles kunst geworden’, in: H ART magazine #138, 2015

Exploring New Worlds, Breda: Electron Breda & Breda International Photo Festival, 2014

Youth, Portraits of Artists, Between Freedom and Fight, Brussel: Maison Particulière Art Center, 2014

Nico Dockx, Blind Date, Antwerpen: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp – Artesis University College, 2011

Karolien Chromiak, No title (a collection), eigen uitgave, 2011

Grants + Collections

Ontwikkelingsbeurs Vlaamse Gemeenschap, 2022

Projectbeurs Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC), 2021

Ontwikkelingsbeurs Vlaamse Gemeenschap, 2021

Beurs voor een buitenlands toonmoment, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, 2020

Ontwikkelingsbeurs Vlaamse Gemeenschap, 2019

Ontwikkelingsbeurs Vlaamse Gemeenschap, 2017

“Talentontwikkeling in het kader van het impulsbudget STROOM”, 2014

Part of multiple private collections


Member of LVL5BXL, 2019 – now

Guest lecturer at St Lucas University College of Art and Design (B), 2016

Co-curator of the masters exhibition 2015, curator of the bachelor exhibition 2017 at St Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp (B)

Resident of STRT Kit 2014-’15, an international support initiative for emerging visual artists, Studio Start, AIR Antwerp, Extra City Kunsthal Antwerp (B)

Co-founder of LIIIM³ artspace in Antwerp, 2014-16


Master in Cultural Management 2013 – 2014, University of Antwerp

Internship at Auguste Orts, Brussels

Master in Fine Arts 2010 – 2012, Sint Lucas Antwerp

Bachelor in Fine Arts 2007 – 2010, Sint Lucas Antwerp