A sun overshadows the liquid soil.

The scent of another world.

Remnants of foreseen gatherings.



In almost all ancient cultures the sun is attributed divine power and often symbolises growth, health, and the cycle of life. The impact of the sun on our environment as well as on our bodies is huge: the soft rays of sunshine on a spring day lighten your mood whilst the lack of light in winter has the opposite effect. The warmth of the sun on your skin can feel amazing but that same warmth can burn the soil and create a drought.

The landscape I build in Rottstr5-Kunsthallen started with the question: what if this great, natural source of power would be replaced by a digital one? What would a landscape underneath a fake sun look like? How would we experience a landscape like this? How would a landscape like this feel and smell? What would we see, what would we hear? What kind of vegetation would be growing underneath a digital sun?



“… The place of void vibrates, pulsates, glows, reflects, breathes, sounds and smells.

In my opinion, the technocratic state of the Anthropocene is reflected in this expansive installation. The mythical atmosphere results in mixed feelings, even the warm light source turns out to be a digital surrogate. It feels like a disruption and becomes a mimesis beyond the temporal context. Chromiak does not establish objective criteria on to which we can attach temporal anchors. On the one hand, the sensorial abstraction functions as the end of time – on the other hand, as a possible description of the Precambrian. The state of now, a pulsating snap-shot of the moment, a living picture, staged by artificial-technical actors. If we view the V O I D timeframe as a pre-political, functioning system created by the artist, the installation becomes a place of inner tranquility. As a result, this safe haven is situated away from a society of achievement. It is a place of escaping in itself, a glitch in the system, a piece of freedom.”

(excerpt of the exhibition text von/by Roman Zheleznyak, übersetzt/translated von/by Ann-Latrin Drews)



Because the first showing of V O I D was cancelled due to Covid-19, Sarah Johanna Teurer gave us the opportunity in the meantime to talk about the project on Cashmere Radio Berlin. In this show Roman and me discuss atmospheric materials, disenchantment and glitches. The result is a uniquely strange interaction  intertwined with spoken words samples and ambient music. From the unheard voices to magic, back to raving and the concept of an exhibition. You can listen to the show here.



V O I D is a research project that is initiated by Karolien Chromiak _ curated by mentalspacegallery (Roman Zheleznyak) _ exhibited in Rottstr5-Kunsthallen Bochum (DE) _ digital images by Arno Ringoet _ sounddesign and video by Jorn Plucieniczak _ with help from Stefanie Salzmann and Toon Straetemans _ with the support of the Flemish Government and Innogy Stiftung (DE)