_/ this postfuturistic artefact reflects light and contains a mysterious symbol. a strange, industrial remnant _/




The work _/ is the result of an ongoing research on the non-dominant relation between (found or created) objects, digital images and art.

I’m interested in the different points of view you can take towards the aura of an artwork. On the one hand there are the ancient myths, which I am trying to deconstruct. These myths are untouchable. You can never create something as powerful as the mythical artwork, you can never be the genius, mythical artist.

These myths are manifold, and they are dominant. They are hidden in plain sight and give shape to society, putting the weight of a thousand expectations on everyones shoulder, spinning narratives that are too good to be true but oh so easy to believe in. Social media are implemented as an extremely powerful communication tool in this mythology – images included.

On of the methods I’m using to deconstruct these myths is to bring in new material, outside of typical art world culture, aiming to create an hybride form of art, a magical fictioning. Open-source technology and digital images are combined with found objects and not-so-fine arts materials.

With the words of Simon O’ Sullivan: ’Fictioning’ in art is an open-ended, experimental practice to create or anticipate new modes of existence. Fictioning can offer us alternatives to the dominant fictions that construct our reality in an age of ‘post-truth’ and ‘perception management’.