Tangled Hierarchy













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This work (colab with Dennis Ramaekers) consists out of a number of materials and a governing self-regulating principal: the feedback loop. Whilst experimenting with this phenomenon, we found our results to be very different than expected. This is is because the feedback loop is a process which is very sensitive to its technical parameters and surroundings. We decided to take advantage of this sensitivity by working in situ, in an attempt to make the exhibition space an inherent part of the work.

A plastic sheet is suspended from the ceiling and pinned to the floor. A moving fan keeps the thin plastic in constant motion. A camera is positioned between the fan and the plastic sheet, and registers the sunlit exhibition space through the plastic. is image is beamed onto the sheet from the same angle as where the camera is positioned. At this point the camera is registering an image of the exhibition space obscured by the plastic sheet, upon which this image projected in real time. (image 3)

A second smaller projection of the same feed is beamed onto a nearby wall. is second, projection can be seen as a different potential result of the same work. Basically, the work is rapid interaction between light capturing, and light producing media’s. (image 4)